“You give our child so much joy and give us time to breathe.”

We help hundreds of children with special needs and their families enjoy vacations, Shabbos and yomim tovim. So they can continue to care every day with LOVE! 

“Her smile when she gets home never gets old. I get overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude every time! “

How it all started

A group of selfless and motivated girls banded together to fill this dire need. They volunteered their vacation time, bought food on their own dime and scrounged around for medical equipment. They  recognized the importance of this support for families of children with special needs and stepped up to the plate. There was no budget or fundraising plan. There was a need. And they filled it. 

When they came to pick up the children, the overwhelming gratitude on the mothers’ faces told them without words — it was worth it!

That first summer camp and the joy it brought to so many, fueled teams of girls! And the Tov Umarpe camps became a famous lifesaver for hundreds of families around the country of Israel!

“Tov Umarpe is my second family”

Some camps run all year round!

Erev Yom Tov

Those super hectic days before and after yom tov are even more stressful for parents of children with special needs. Our day camp includes door-to-door transportation, 3 full meals and a full day program helping parents to juggle it all. They can focus on the rest of the family and bring in yom tov calmly, knowing their child is in the best of hands.

No School Days

A day off from school can have every working parent groaning inwardly. Families of children with special needs gear up for a home front battle. We now run full day programs — trips, activities and meals — on all off days giving families a much-needed breather and the ability to give the other kids some quality time. Their child with special needs is having fun on a trip, safe in our professional care.

Summer Camps

Trips and sleepovers, awesome programs and nonstop music fill the week between camp and school. Over 120 dedicated volunteers accompany 100 severely disabled children — each child with their own counselor round the clock — turning this gap week into a fun-filled memory!

Camp is just a small part of it …

There are many more moments where we step in and bring light! 

Home Visits

Many families need extra assistance even after a full day program. Our cadre of cheery volunteers are eager to help at all times. Regular rotations of a lending hand has families breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward to that welcome knock on the door.

Hospital Support

Our volunteers bring a true Shabbos experience to families in the Hadassa hospitals. With heimishe food and song, they bring the healing spirit of Shabbos to the depressing hospital wards. It’s a weekly infusion of calm and joy!

Yom Tov Food

We wanted shopping for yom tov to be a joyous experience, not a stressful one! Vouchers are distributed to over 6,700 families twice a year before yom tov. A full fridge and pantry start off the yom tov festivities in the right frame of mind!

Help us make it happen

It’s our pride and joy to enable families with special needs children to enjoy special moments.

7500 $
  • Full day program of war emergency camp
1500 $
  • 3 meals for one day of war emergency camp
2500 $
  • One day door-to-door transport for war emergency camp
1000 $
  • One fun program for war emergency camp
900 $
  • One day medical team for war emergency camp
500 $
  • One meal for war emergency camp

It’s our pride and joy to enable families with special needs children to enjoy special moments.

U.S. tax-deductible donations are made to our parent organization: Friends of Darchei Rochel


War in Israel has children home from school. Children with special-needs are stuck at home! We set up day camps for over 200 children with complex special-needs.

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